Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Nails of the Week | Winter Edition

One of my favourite past times is painting my nails, I love to do it, its therapeutic and you can have a lovely nail polish colour on your nails as the result! So for today's blog post I thought, I should show you what nail polishes I have actually chosen to wear during one week of the Christmas holidays, rather than showing a huge selection of colours, which is way to over whelming to comprehend!

The first nail polish I wore that week was Barry M's Vivid Purple. This is a lovely purple colour, very suitable for winter.

This nail polish is Rich in Heart from Sinful Colors. This is a very deep red colour. In some lights it appears black and in others in appears as a sparkly red. This is very appropriate for New Years Eve!

The final nail polish I wore was Tanya Burr's, Penguin Chic. Out of all of the nail polishes, this chipped the least! This is a more muted colour which would be suitable in Autumn and Spring too!

Thank you for reading this blogpost! Tell me what your favourite winter nail polishes are in the comments below!

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